Staff of the Little Art


Little Art Theatre Staff - Yellow Springs Ohio

  1. Carolyn – FEB 1989 (Also worked here a total of 7 years in 2 prior periods in the late 70s and early to mid 80s) 
  2. Brian – AUG 2015  (Former Operations manager, currently Little Art Facebook posts an our annual New Year’s Eve Party!)
  3. Frannie – AUG 2015 (Resigned to attend graduate studies.)
  4. Mark –  OCT 1999  Projection.
  5. Gilah –  MAY 2014 (Resigned in 2016 to purchase our local hardware store with her husband. Does many of our Facebooks posts currently!)  
  6. Angela – MAR 2001 (Resigned in 2015 to work full time at the Antioch College Wellness Center.)
  7. Margaret – JUL 2014  Projection and Concessions
  8. Kelley – FEB 2016  Projection and Concessions
  9. Kendra – NOV 2003 Concessions
  10. Cindy – SEP 2008  Concessions
  11. Rita  – JUL 2014 (Resigned in 2016 with a career change.)
  12. Andy – JUN 1976 (Retired in 2017 with a big, public party at the Little Art!) 
  13. Jeanna – MAY 2002  Concessions & Concession Inventory
  14. Lin – OCT 1985 (Lived in Japan for 5 years from 93-98)  Concessions
  15. Jenny – AUG 1972  You name it, she does it.
  16. Emma – MAR 2016 (Moved away in 2016.)
  17. Paula –  JAN 2014 (Volunteer!) Concessions.
  18. Evan – MAY 2014 Projection.

Curently missing from the above photo:

Sara GrayAUG 2016  Office manager, part-time

Jyoti – JUL 2016  Donor Database manager and concessions

Marianne  – AUG 2016  Concessions

Kristin – DEC 2016  Projection and Concessions

Caleab – DEC 2016  Projection

Nacim – JAN 2017  Concessions

Diana – OCT 2017  Projection

Julia – OCT 2017  Projection

Shayne – NOV 2017  Concessions

Lauren & Anthony – DEC 2017  Projection

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